How to successfully manage a remote team

The pandemic is causing global disruption, and for many businesses, changing ways of working is the only solution. Remote working is a tried and tested method, however, for many, it’s proving to be an alien process. With the amount of uncertainty and constantly changing information about what people can and cannot do, along with an unclear timeline on when things will start to change, managing expectations is a critical first step towards remote working, both for managers and employees.

1. Set clear expectations

It’s important to set clear expectations; from working hours to frequency of communication, to what the impact of the virus might be on the company, it’s important to get ahead of the zillion questions that people will have. By taking the questions and concerns on the table from the beginning demonstrates that the company is doing its best to manage to keep things moving forward. Communication is often the first thing to suffer when it comes to remote working. Email alone won’t cut it, as maintaining communication through other channels is essential.

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