How to Stop Crushing Dreams and Maximize Aspiration

5 ways to maximize aspiration:

#1. Believe aspiration is positive energy.

#2. Don’t rush to fix people when they express aspiration. Everyone falls short of aspiration. They don’t need you to remind them that they haven’t made it yet.

#3. Provide opportunity for people to connect with their aspiration by being curious.

Everything that gets done runs on the engine of energy.

#4. Reject the urge to offer wisdom when someone declares an aspiration. A young leader declares an aspiration to coach their direct reports. You know what they SHOULD do before they finish declaring their aspiration. Stay curious.

Curiosity enables connection.

You seem wiser when you help people explore their own aspiration. Giving instruction before you understand their aspiration makes you come off as arrogant, pushy, and a know-it-all.

#5. Help people accept responsibility to fulfill their aspiration. But don’t use aspiration to bludgeon people into submission.

Aspiration requires courage. When you take someone’s aspiration seriously, they might feel intimidated. Chill out.

It takes time to grow into an aspiration. Ask, “How can I help?” (But never do more for others than they are doing for themselves.)

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