How to attract generation Z as employees

Employers are planning to hire 10.7% more class of 2019 graduates than they did from the class of 2018, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. 

With college hiring up, in order for employers to recruit these candidates as effectively as possible, it is essential that they take into account that Gen Z is the first digitally native generation, displays a high level of hustle and motivation, and enjoys social interaction and work that ties them to their community. 


Applying for a job and not hearing back (also known as the “resume black hole effect”) is simply not an option when it comes to recruiting the class of 2019 – they want meaningful engagement, and in a low unemployment job market, businesses who want to stay competitive need to provide a seamless candidate experience.


As this is the first generation entering the workforce that was born with phones in their hands, a mobile touch point is a great place to start.


Here are five tips on how to attract Gen Z talent:


1. Creativity
Utilize a constant touch point that is human in nature. This generation is traditionally more creative than its predecessors, and is reaching out to companies on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for job opportunities. Businesses need to respond quickly to attract these younger candidates, and offer them validation that they will be valued at your company.

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