Focus On Harassment, Diversity, And Inclusion At Work

I don’t need to remind you of the importance of diversity, inclusion, and fair treatment at work. Not only has the #metoo movement made HR and business leaders take notice, the problem seems to be increasing. The EEOC saw a 50% increase in workplace harassment suits last year and 2019 is looking like a record.


Right now we are in a world where racism, harassment, and bad behavior is everywhere. Not only do we have to read about sexual abuse in the news, but our politicians have become more coarse and seem incapable of setting a good example. As much as I’ve loved Twitter over the years, it suddenly seems like a place for yelling things you’d never say in public.


Why This Topic Is So Important Now

I just read an important article in the New Yorker, The Fight to Redefine Racism, by Kelefa Sanneh. He discusses Ibram Kendi’s book “Stamped from the Beginning” and makes the point that everyone is racist to some degree: it is rules and the laws and standards that keep us in check. I recommend you read the article: it will help you understand how polarized we have become and why we need to go back to basics in our beliefs about race.

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