Can AI eliminate hiring bias?

With 31% of us saying they experience discrimination when job seeking, one HR tech believes AI could be the answer

When asked what factors were affecting their ability to get interviews or new job roles, 51% of respondents said they felt age played a part, while 25% said gender.

“Bias is an intrinsic part of the human character but by harnessing technology in the right way we can start to counteract this” — this is the bold claim of Adrian Ezra, CEO of JamieAi, a UK-based HR-tech start-up.

His firm has a goal: to make hiring bias a thing of the past via AI.


By pairing technology insight with human expertise, JamieAi promises to deliver cost-effective, transparent and unbiased hiring for data professionals.


This is, of course, no mean feat; bias in hiring processes are rampant.


According to research JamieAi commissioned, where 500 job hunters were interviewed, 31% of respondents said they have experienced discrimination looking for work.

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