A Simple Trick for Figuring Out the Right Keywords for Your Resume —

Keywords matter.

This should not be a news flash if you’re out there applying for roles via online application, or attempting to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you turn up in the right kinds of recruiter searches.

If it is a news flash, here’s a quick rundown of why they matter:

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These days recruiting,  along with so many other things,  rely on automation for certain parts of the process in order to save time.


One of the ways that recruiters utilize automation is by determining percentage of key word matches on a resume. 


By being alert to the key words that the hiring manager is looking for, and making sure that those all-important key words are on your resume,  your resume will acquire a high ‘score’ as it reaches  the recruiters desk.


How do you determine the specific key words that it will help?


Look at the job description and most of all the job requirements.


Always keep in mind  that you need to be honest and only use key words that accurately describe your skill set. Eventually a live person will be reviewing your resume, and when it becomes apparent that you are not qualified for a role and just used key words to falsely portray your qualifications, often times your name will be blocked in the system, since no one appreciates their time being wasted.


However, when you are qualified for a position and indeed have the skills that are required, making sure to use the same key words that are used in the job requirements is a smart way to get noticed.