4 Discriminatory Behaviors That Ruin The Workplace

Discrimination comes in a variety of shapes. We’re trained to recognize and respond to the most visible elements of discrimination, such as racist slurs. Social media users are quick to record and share faux-pas with the most dramatic consequences. In the UK only, a renowned international lawyer has lost her reputation after her racist behavior was shared on Twitter.

Other everyday occurrences trend on social media, devastating the lives and careers of those guilty of discrimination. 

However, the mind struggles when it comes to spotting passive or subtle discrimination in the workplace. Indeed, you will be hard-pressed to name any discriminatory behavior in your office. But they might occur under your very eyes on a daily basis.

These are the 4 most common negative behaviors that affect the workplace. 

Rejecting candidates for all the wrong reasons


Recruiting new talents is a long and challenging process at the best of times. Needless to say, the last thing you want is to have to handle complaints from rejected candidates who feel they have been discriminated against.


Ideally, you should use pre-assessment tools that let you take data-based and defensible decisions.

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