3 interview questions job seekers struggle with the most

There’s no doubt about it — interviews are tough. With so much on the line, job seekers often psych themselves out or majorly overthink things, resulting in a sub-par performance.


The good news, though, is that this is largely avoidable. If you can thoroughly practice beforehand, you’ll be able to get the jitters out, refine your responses and identify the key points you want to mention. With so many different questions asked in interviews, though, you can’t realistically rehearse all of them.


So where should you focus your efforts? Glassdoor spoke to Candace Bracher, a recruiting manager for the Information Technology division at staffing agency Addison Group. Bracher has spoken to thousands of candidates throughout her career, and identified three questions as the ones that candidates most frequently flub.


Below, Bracher expanded on what these questions are, what makes them so tough and how you can give answers bound to impress recruiters.


Question #1: Walk me through your resume.

A successful response to this request is key, as it is frequently one of the first things your interviewer will say, if not the first.

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