3 Approaches to Ensure Your Company Is at the Top of the List for Job Seekers

By all indications, global unemployment is lower than any point in history, which is good news for bread-winners but not so great when you’re hiring.

Given the shortage of talent across most industries, what’s the best way to attract and retain good employees? There are multiple standard approaches you could take like offering a higher starting salary, providing a decent benefits package or giving perks like free child-care, meals, and even sleep pods.

For many companies, however, these levers aren’t as easily pulled. If you find yourself in that situation, here are three alternatives approaches to help you sell the best version of your company.

Design your recruiting collateral from a marketing perspective.
I’ve worked with many organizations which have excellent marketing collateral for selling to their customers, but when it comes to presenting themselves to prospective job hunters, they struggle.

Nothing screams cultural disconnect like browsing through an impressive website and social media presence only to find that the careers section has been written by someone from HR or legal.

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