Workplace Diversity Through Recruitment

Diverse companies have 19 percent higher revenue, and according to Harvard Business Review, are 70 percent more likely to capture a new market. With diversity hiring a top priority for employers, the first step to building a diverse workforce is straightforward: Hire more diversified candidates. Sounds simple — but sometimes what sounds simple can be vexingly complex, finds a new report by Chicago-based executive search firm Madison Wells, which offers some ways that those on the front lines of hiring can lead the way for change.

It is a big question buzzing through the business world: How do you recruit, hire and promote diverse talent — and do so legally?

While 71 percent of companies say they want an inclusive culture, only 12 percent have reached a level of diversity and inclusion that could be described as mature. Creating awareness and finding diverse talent is a top challenge for organizations, but it begins with developing a targeted and well-structured internal and external recruitment strategy.

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