Women in sales: promoting diversity in the workplace

In an increasingly competitive sales landscape, companies are searching for fresh tactics to stay ahead. We see a lot of focus on topics like cold outreach, sales objection management, and networking. "Pipeline" and "sales enablement" are trending. Sales teams want to know the best strategies that’ll drive the best sales results.

Diversity in sales is a topic with less buzz, but it could hold the most exciting future of all. Creating a more diverse sales team could be the key to more revenue, higher returns, and better client relationships. What sales organizations would not want that?

In this article, we’re going to explore gender diversity within sales teams: how we should look at diversity, concrete benefits it can provide your company, and ideas on how to make progress in the new decade.

Let’s jump right into it.

Diversity as a methodology

I like to think of gender diversity in sales as a methodology or model, similar to Challenger Sales, customer centric selling, or change management. With something like Challenger Sales, companies see the benefit and go on to implement it in order to maximize success and profit. It’s a no brainer when the process is systematic and the benefits are easily correlated. 

But when it comes to diversity in sales, companies are slow to adopt. It’s seen more as a "wish-list" item rather than a core principle to live by.

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