Will high-profile cases impact number of sexual harassment claims? | AZ Big Media

According to the EEOC, prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers are encouraged by the EEOC, but not required, to take steps necessary to prevent sexual harassment from occurring.

“We need to stop all forms of harassment, but we probably can never eradicate it,” said Kraig Marton, an employment attorney at Jaburg Wilk, P.C. “I see employees with employment problems almost every day. It does seem that when a lot of publicity is given to such matters, such as lately, then there is an uptick in the number of complaints.”

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With the recent deluge of sexual harassment claims across multiple arenas, there is every indication that these increases in reports will also extend into corporate America. 


Are you doing everything you can to protect your company, to ensure that everyone understands what is acceptable, and most importantly, what is not appropriate?


Are your employees comfortable reporting these issues to your HR department? 


Are your managers cognizant of the legal definition of sexual harassment?  


One positive note is that these recent claims are opening up a dialog, and having open, frank discussions regarding what is deemed inappropriate is the first step in ultimately eradicating sexual harassment and  making the workplace a safe environment for all.