Why Your Resume’s Text Wall Is Preventing You From Advancing Your Career

You have spent hours and hours refining and tweaking your resume. You have religiously studied and implemented the endless resume advice on the web. As a result, everything you have ever done is now listed on your resume. Not one of your career achievements has fallen between the cracks. Subsequently, you sent out the first and second batch of resumes in high spirits. It should only take a couple of weeks until you get some serious bites, right?

Then, nothing. No bites at all.

What happened? There could be a plethora of reasons for the radio silence, but a major and frequent culprit is what I like to call "text-wall syndrome."

Understanding Text-Wall Syndrome 

You can easily check whether or not your resume suffers from text-wall syndrome. At a glance, is your resume easy to scan for certain information? Or is it crowded to a point where the reader is facing one impenetrable block of text?

Overloading your resume means that you didn’t focus enough on the readers’ needs. Frequently the main recipients and readers of your resume will be recruiters. A recent study found that, on average, recruiters spend just seven seconds reviewing a resume before making a decision. An overloaded resume without any visual breaks for the reader could land you in the no-pile quicker than you can blink. Of course, this is a big career roadblock when trying to move up the ladder. So, how do you break up your resume into easy-to-digest parts without sacrificing substance?

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