Why You Want Millennials on Your Leadership Team in 2019!

I was asked to participate in several projects this week that kept me busy. I will share my blog on ambiguity and change next week. I think you’ll find its worth the wait. I wrote this blog for a client who was recruiting the next generation of leadership for their teams. The older team members had a negative stereotype about millennials.

Here’s the message I shared on why I thought it was time to start involving younger leaders. This is not my normal consulting style, but I felt that if I didn’t change their mindset about millennials the organization would not survive.

How do you bring new talent into your organization?  What’s the biggest challenge for leaders in almost all midmarket organizations? I find the biggest challenge is how entrepreneurs attract millennials to their organization.

Don’t worry; I’ve got significant experience working with millennials in high school, college, and the workplace. You’re going to enjoy working with them!

Today, I share several key secrets to help you attract, develop, and retain the most talented millennials.  I’ll share what I’ve learned from many of the world’s most gifted organizations. All successful organizations today invest time and resources to develop and retain their most talented millennials. These organizations are building a great future by understanding several key ideas in creating a great management pipeline.

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