Why These 3 Things Matter More Than Experience In The Job Interview Process

One of the biggest lies that people believe is that experience is the most important thing in the job interview process. True, experience can be vital — you wouldn’t want to hire a surgeon without the proper education and experience. But whether this interview is for your first job, or your ninth gig since 2013, there is always uncharted territory in a new opportunity. Especially if it involves changing your title or your responsibility: that’s something you haven’t done before. By definition, that expansion goes beyond your experience. The good news is, there are stories all around us of people who have overcome their circumstances (and their experience) to create something completely new. Maybe your interview skills need to expand as well — particularly if you want to discover new results in your career. Here are three things that matter more than experience in the job interview process — and how you can leverage these insights to create a fresh career experience for yourself.


The past reminds us. It does not define us.

– Unknown

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