Why soft skills are becoming ever more important to businesses

Interpersonal skills, empathy and resilience are strongly desired by employers as they look towards business recovery. Riccarda Zezza discusses how these ‘soft’ skills can be developed in every day life.

With advances in technology and societal priorities, jobs are constantly evolving – meaning it’s now near-impossible to just learn one skill and settle into a career for life. The pandemic has added another twist to the theme but rapid change was already established.

According to a survey by McKinsey & Company, 87% of companies are experiencing skills gaps or expect them within a few years, and this tumultuous job market has birthed a new desire from employers to replace traditional skill sets with “soft” skills.

The key differentiator is that these don’t relate to what work you do, but how you work. They include interpersonal skills, emotional-based skills – like empathy and resilience – as well as time management, communication and many more.

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