Why occupational psychology matters 

Globalization and competition has business owners looking at new ways to generate profits. Technology has been a primary source of increase profits but even that provides little benefits if the people behind the technology remain neglected. That has given rise to the focus on human resource and going beyond the typical Band-Aid solutions to keep a company running.


Conflict resolution, furnishing employees with coping skills, team building and the likes are beneficial, but they often happen on a surface level. While they do bring about change, business owners and managers are finding that they have to get deeper into employee needs, concerns and issues like never before. That has created room for occupational physiologist who, apart from problem solving, bring awareness to the core issues facing an organization.


The part occupational psychologist play in transforming the workplace experience cannot be understated. They bring profound understanding into why people behave as they do and the changes that ought to take place. It is through observation and research they can achieve this.

What is occupational psychology?

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