Why It’s Hard To Recruit Ideal Candidates, And Why We Need To Address This Now

Employers often can’t seem to find enough qualified talent to fill their vacancies. Positions remain unfilled in an apparent paradox whereby companies are willing to hire and job applicants are willing to work. Why is that so?

The Problem

In today’s job market, identifying quality talent has become a challenge for many organizations, including nonprofits. A talent acquisition study by IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and HR.com, titled “How Organizations Identify and Hire Great Talent,” revealed that some of the biggest hurdles include a lack of good assessment tools to identify top talent and the need to improve the candidate experience.

Latin America, for instance, has one of the biggest skills gaps in the world. Living and working in Guatemala, I’ve seen firsthand how hard it is for Latin American countries to overcome hiring challenges. Unfortunately, factors including daily economic challenges, lack of quality education, unprepared workers, little foreign investment, limited resources, poor income, etc., make it more difficult for these countries to get out of this deep hole. This is why more nonprofits and social entrepreneurs are getting involved in finding solutions to the current recruiting paradox.

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