Why Company Culture is Key to Innovation and Growth

In the world of business to get an edge over competitors, companies are required to constantly evolve their sales, marketing, hiring, and employee retention tactics to stay ahead. External pressures and threats from other companies push entrepreneurs to come up with new strategies and solutions to grow their businesses. There’s no way to succeed other than to innovate.


It’s essential to consistently measure results to understand your customers and try new ideas and solutions to meet their demands. Marketing strategies that were once effective to gain customers can get stale if you aren’t constantly looking at the results and making changes, while your competitors are coming up with new ideas, products, and solutions to grow their own businesses. What used to work before might not work now.


Constantly coming up with new ideas to attract customers and grow your business can be challenging, and the reality is that the inability to introduce new tactics can be detrimental to a business. According to a Gartner Financial Services Innovation Survey, internal politics and an organizational culture that does not welcome ideas from third parties, or cannot embrace new ideas, are detrimental to innovation.

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