Where is the Software Industry Headed in 2018?


We are living in revolutionary times. The technological innovations happening around us are nothing short of miraculous.

In mid-2017, the Big 5 (Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft) of the Dot-Com world crossed the $3 trillion mark.

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to cognitive technologies like natural language processing, the technology industry will continue to thrive in 2018.

Companies and enterprises will continue to invest in the latest technologies and newer jobs will continue to be created.

As a citizen of the digital era, here are some trends that you need to watch out for in 2018:

Big Data’s Significance Will Continue to Grow Bigger

Big Data has enhanced decision-making capabilities of businesses across the globe. Whether it is enhancing ROIs or creating digital marketing campaigns, Big Data is guiding major business decisions.

Business Intelligence, or BI, tools have also become increasingly popular. These tools help collect and analyze data effectively.

Jobs in the field of data management, such as database development and data analysis, will continue to thrive.

Containerization Will Keep Getting More Popular

Containerization involves running of software and applications on the cloud. It allows efficient utilization of server resources and allows developers to optimize operations.

IT engineers, with experience of working with cloud technology and software, such as AWS Cloud and Docker, will be in high demand.

Mobile Will Continue to Get Larger

Mobile devices have changed the way the internet was consumed in the past. From making purchases to watching cat videos, people are using mobile phones more than ever.

With the world, literally, at their fingertips, mobile technology will continue to thrive. Enhancing mobile’s performance will be the key in 2018. Some of the key areas would include; application development, user-stimulated animations, and natural language processing.

The Internet of Things Will Get Incorporated in Daily Lives

2018 will see more of IoT technology being incorporated in our homes and offices. Big giants in the tech sector, such as Cisco, Panasonic and Sharp are looking to produce devices that will be compatible with the IoT networking system.

There will surely be a dramatic rise in jobs requiring specialization, such as cloud storage tactics and hardware connectivity.

Augmented Reality will Continue to Intermingle with Our Realities



Augmented Reality (AR) technology will continue to outperform its counterpart, Virtual Reality (VR) technology. More and more, AR mobile apps will be launched to create engaging experiences.

Gaming design and development jobs will continue to thrive. The focus will be more towards interactive gaming.

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