When it comes to hiring, millennials are killing it

If there really is a generation war raging in the workplace, millennials may have already won.

Seventy-two percent of talent professionals say they plan to focus on recruiting millennials (ages 24-39) over the next five years as opposed to other age groups, according to a LinkedIn survey of 2,406 U.S. hiring managers conducted Aug. 24-Sept. 30.

Gen Z (under 24) came in second (57%), followed by Gen X (41%) and baby boomers (13%). The results are part of a global talent trends survey of 7,000 hiring pros in 35 countries.

A report on the survey suggests it’s no surprise millennials and Gen Z are the most coveted pools of job candidates since they “make up roughly half of the world’s population” and are “the newest generations on the scene.” Boomers, meanwhile, are retiring in large numbers, with about 10,000 a day hanging it up.

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