What’s the Difference Between Talent Acquisition and Recruiting?

Does your organization use the terms “recruiting” and “talent acquisition” interchangeably? Some do. But these terms actually refer to different components of the process of bringing new people into an organization. Let’s take a close look at each.


Here are some of the components and characterizations of recruiting:


  • Recruiting is the process of finding someone to fill a position once the position is open or created. Recruitment begins once there is a vacancy to fill.
  • The goals of recruiting are clear: Fill the position with someone who has the right skills and experience to do the job today. The skills needed and the job in question are defined and clear.
  • Recruiting is more reactive or tactical than strategic. It is one component of the larger talent acquisition process.
  • Recruiting includes everything in the process from sourcing candidates to reviewing applicants to selection of who to hire and eventually onboarding that person.

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