What You Should Know Before Asking For A Raise In 2018

If you’re going to try to negotiate for a bump in your current salary, be sure you can show that it’s warranted.


One of the biggest mistakes that can ruin a salary negotiation is not having proof that you’re indispensable to your organization.


“The biggest mistake I’ve seen from employees over the years is asking for a raise when their performance is average or sub-par,


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Addressing what  your value is in terms of compensation,  is one of the most important conversations you will ever have in your career. 


I recently had an employee who was consistently  ‘on the bubble’.  Not horrible,  but certainly not great, ask for an increase in pay, and it caused me to really take a step back and look at her as a whole, in terms of what she brought to the table.


What I realized  was that there was huge gap between us, in terms of how she perceived her value and how I perceived it,  and it became  crystal clear that it was best for both of us, to terminate our business relationship . 


No doubt this is not the outcome that she had anticipated when she requested the increase, but it is worth noting, that when you go to your boss, saying that you believe you are worth more than you are currently receiving for the work you provide, your boss is also going to be re-evaluating as well.