What You Need to Get Hired in 2020

Welcome to 2020, a new year and a brand new decade offering you the perfect opportunity to find the job of your dreams. 2020 follows a year that brought us an unemployment rate at a record 50-year low of 3.7 percent. This is an excellent time to find the job of your dreams, as long as you know where to look for the jobs. Currently, the recruiting industry, like many industries, is facing a war for talent

As a leader of a company that recruits for 150+ clients including numerous Fortune 500 companies and many government agencies across the countryI see trends evolving that will affect a job search. There are many jobs available, but not enough candidates skilled to fill these jobs. Before we get into the skills needed to acquire these hot jobs, it’s important to recognize the cultural shifts occurring in the world of work. If you’re aware of these trends they can guide you in your job search. 

Knowledge Work Rules

First off, the U.S. is continuing the long-term trend towards being a knowledge worker-based economy. Compounded with the important push to increase women and people of color in STEM-driven industries and roles, many companies are beginning to normalize remote work and flexible schedules. This allows companies to be based anywhere, opening up the pool of talent. If you don’t live near Silicon Valley, Seattle, or New York, you may still be able to work for a startup or Big Tech company, if you have the skills they are seeking. 

Automation Creates New Opportunities

As technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and robotics continue to mature, we’ll see major changes across the board in all industries. Automation is set to shift work away from rote tasks that can be completed efficiently via AI. In automation’s wake, new positions will emerge that co-exist and support AI. 

Strong Workplace Culture is an Attractor 

In addition to this major driving force of change, there is a continued increase in strong workplace culture as a requirement for workers and job seekers alike. Companies that do not create a diverse and inclusive workplace will be at a loss, as a strong workplace culture is linked to talent attraction, innovation, and better productivity. When seeking a job, target companies that you have researched to be certain their culture aligns with your values. 

Source - Read More at: www.glassdoor.com