What to Say (and Not Say) When an Employee Is Depressed

Should you step in?


Should you step back?


Dr. Lori Whatley tells us what to do.

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I have been seeing a lot of posts about  Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Month, offering a number to call if you or someone you know,  are depressed.


Knowing that by sheer human nature, most people that have noticed someone struggling will not call for instructions, we should list out a few suggestions on how best to reach out a hand to someone that appears to be in pain..


If we want to help PREVENT A SUICIDE,, per the current awareness campaign, what specifically  are we supposed to do?


We need clear cut  instructions on how most effectively to help someone.! ,  


In a professional setting, how do we keep professional & personal boundaries intact, while showing compassion for a fellow being? 


This should be a topic that is brought into the light. 


Please add to the conversation, I would love to hear your thoughts.