What To Look For In The Ideal Employee

Just like most businesses and job functions, the hiring landscape has greatly changed over the past year. Interviews are now conducted virtually and are followed up with remote hiring and online onboarding for new executives. Candidates who can show they are skilled in adapting to changing times, tech-savvy and can effectively manage teams remotely are a human resource manager’s dream.  

But are those traits really that different than what we’ve always looked for in executive prospects? A 2021 survey of 200-plus U.S. hiring managers and recruiters by Zety reveals the top 10 most important qualities and traits they look for in a candidate: 

1. Loyalty: 52% 

2. Integrity: 49% 

3. Sincerity: 48% 

4. Adaptability: 41% 

5. Kindness: 41% 

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