What to Do When You Get a Tough Objection

It’s one of the most common questions salespeople ask: “How do I overcome a tough objection?” The answer may come as a surprise — you don’t. When a prospect or customer throws a tough objection your way, your job isn’t to “overcome” it. Why not? Because traditional turnarounds are completely ineffective.

Here’s what a traditional “turnaround” sounds like: “Bill, I have to tell you, other people said the same thing about our delivery times, until they saw how we could blah blah blah … ” Typical salespeople will try to defend and justify their position, and that kind of comeback is combative and adversarial. And the prospect rarely believes you or changes their mind.

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In sales, we all talk about the art of overcoming objections.


This short post suggests changing your perspective from aiming to ‘overcome objections’ to the theory that ultimately, only the prospect can overcome an objection, not the salesperson.


Learn how to ‘reverse the direction of the conversation ‘ so that you can uncover the true concerns and ultimate pain points of your potential client. Only then can you honestly say if you can offer a viable solution, and address how your unique solution can help your targeted audience.


This strategy takes practice. Read on to learn how to get started, and specific verbiage in learning how to re-position the dialog when a prospect presents an objection to moving forward.