What Organizations Seek in Employees besides Talent & Technical Skills

Let’s start this with a pertinent question! Among two colleagues who are equally good at their jobs, whom will you approach for help in a crisis situation – the one who is congenial and helpful or the one who comes across as unforthcoming and vexed? The answer here is quite apparent.

A sympathetic, approachable individual is what makes for a good team. Technical skills can always be improved if the employee is willing to learn and absorb. However, it is rather difficult to teach soft skills to an individual. In a highly competitive and tough to survive the corporate world, soft skills might appear to be an understated requirement. However, one cannot do without them. You might be the best programmer in your organization, but if you are unable to communicate well with your team, gel with your colleagues and fail to maintain a good equation with your clients, your technical prowess is going to get you only so far.

Why Soft Skills Matter?

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