What is the Best Way to Market My Transferable Skills?

How do I evaluate stretch assignments to expand my skill set and what is the best way to market my transferable skills?


Smart people make career moves primarily based on where it will position them 1, 3 and 5 years down the line. Over the years we have even seen candidates take pay cuts in order to gain experience in specific areas that will then allow them to land higher level roles once they have that experience under their belt. When evaluating stretch assignments, I would encourage you to think about compensation, quality of life, in terms of travel requirements, location, commute times, etc., and also how you will be a more marketable candidate after your completion. What skill sets or experience will you gain that you do not currently have? At a certain point, having 10 years or 12 years in a Director level role or higher really does not justify a higher salary, but if you have experience taking a company public, or perhaps dealing with union issues, recalls, etc can definitely make you a more valuable prospect to companies that are going through the same things.

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