What hiring based on ‘culture fit’ really means

Future of work expert Cheryl Cran explores why hiring people for culture fit and diversity is the key to an engaged workforce.


The World Economic Forum predicts that worker shortages and the race to find good people are two trends continuing into 2020.

The new division of labour between machines and humans will create at least 133m new roles for humans by 2022, it said. The demand for technical skills will increase along with skills that are human centric such as creative thinking, decision making and negotiating.


Although technical skills are a key skill needed by employers, it is vitally important that companies are looking at employee ‘culture fit’ as a key focus when hiring.

Aligning values

A Dutch recruiter study found that 84pc of recruiters surveyed state that culture fit is one of the most important recruitment factors, and nine out of 10 said they have passed on applicants who were not aligned with company values and culture.

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