What Can You Expect From a New Sales Leader?

Last month, we shared some thoughts on what a new sales leader should focus on. But what can you expect from a new sales leader?

In a startup environment, it can be hard to know what to expect from a new sales leader you bring in from the outside. And while I hate to say, “It depends”,…well, it depends. Much of what a new sales leader at a startup will be able to achieve will depend on the resources available, and the actual stage of the company. 

A “startup” can be a pre-revenue, zero customer company. Or it can be several years old, with thousands of customers and many millions in MRR.

And sometimes, “startup” is a mindset embodied by a modern company, no matter its age and revenue. Also, there are different types of “new” sales leaders—new to your company, or new to sales leadership? Because that makes a difference as well. 

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