What are the top 10 talent management trends for 2019?

Several factors, including a tight labour market and a massive influx of data are impacting the way HR professionals and talent management leaders are performing their jobs, writes Stephanie Edwards


Issues around talent management are becoming more and more complex, from the role that artificial intelligence and talent analytics plays, to the shift in how people are looking to get compensated. To succeed in attracting, developing and retaining top talent, it’s critical to be agile and forward thinking.

Talent management trend #1. (Don’t) mind the gap!
Recruiters are no longer looking at employment gaps with raised eyebrows as the stigma of taking time off between jobs to raise children, travel, or learn new skills wears off.

Tactics to reach professionals who have been out of the workforce include targeted proactive sourcing, talent communities, workshops, alumni networks for those who have left the company and may consider returning, and ‘buddy’ systems for effective onboarding.

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