What are the Best Tips for Negotiating an Offer?

My biggest concern as I enter a job search is my ability to negotiate any offer that comes my way. That’s just not something I think I am very good at. What are the best tips for negotiating an offer when the time comes?


I am a big believer in letting them fall in love first, before you tell them what kind of ring you need. Before you can determine what kind of salary you would need to accept a role, focus on finding out everything you can about the role, career path, company culture, etc. When asked for your salary requirements, always put off the question until the offer stage by just saying “Open” on written applications and if you are filling something out on-line that requires a numerical entry in order to proceed with the application, consider adding 1111 which will allow you to continue. There will be plenty of time to tell them what it will take to gain your acceptance after you have determined that you indeed want the role, and after you factor in all the variables that should go in making a career move.

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