What Are Questions Candidates Should Ask Recruiters?

What are some questions candidates should ask the recruiter? It’s normal for recruiters to be the ones asking the questions, but there must be questions that we job seekers should be asking them. Right?

I think that is a terrific question. Before I entrusted anyone to talk with another party regarding me as a candidate, I would absolutely want to make sure that the person representing me was highly professional, and had a solid track record.

When evaluating executive recruiters, LinkedIn is a fantastic place to start. It would be highly unusual for someone working as a recruiter in this day and age not to have a strong LinkedIn presence.

Check out their recommendations on LinkedIn, and specifically what people have said in terms of recommendations, and endorsements.

Check out their website.

Remember to Google both their name and their company name.

After doing those things, you will have a general idea if they have invested the time and energy to make a name for themselves and by association those they represent.

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