Want To Get Hired? 4 Skills To Emphasize In Your Next Interview

“What skills will you bring to the job?”

How you answer this question greatly determines if you’ll get the job or not.

If you’re looking to land your dream job, you need to understand what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for — then wow them with answers that meet their expectations.

Although you’re expected to speak about your technical abilities, what will get you hired goes beyond hard skills. You need to focus on competencies that separate you from the herd.

We’ve compiled a list of four of the most prized skills that recruiters are looking for; they’re skills you should highlight in your resume, cover letter and interview answers.

Let’s get right into it.


1. Communication Skills
Employers want people who can communicate ideas effectively, clearly and confidently. These are people who can get the point across in both written and verbal communications.

They’re looking for people who can tailor communications for different audiences and interact with executives, co-workers and customers comfortably.

Strong communication skills increase productivity and efficiency. If you have strong communication skills, you save time spent on clarifying, correcting wrong impressions and answering questions.


How To Show Your Strong Communication Skills
One way to show your strong communication skills is through written communications. Any email, resume or cover letter should be free of errors, with all names spelled correctly.

Before the interview, also practice talking about your experience and strengths to make sure your answers are clear and concise.

Communication skills also involve listening. During the interview, listen attentively and pay close attention to all the interviewer says.

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