Unique Hiring Strategies are Required when Hiring Mid-Level Healthcare Leadership


Hospitals and other healthcare providers must continually adapt to rapidly changing regulatory, legal, technological and other changes. Many are also taking innovative approaches to filling key strategic mid-level management positions. For these tactics to be successful, their hiring strategies must evolve as well.

Here’s how to align your hiring goals with your Director level leadership needs:

Expand the supervisory and strategic scope of C-level executives. This requires a more broad-based knowledge of healthcare administration, perhaps including a full understanding of the organization’s value chain. If you have highly proficient senior management, you can afford to hire mid-level managers that may be coming from an industry outside of healthcare. As a result, viable candidates may be found in a multiple of industries, which will significantly enlarge the pool of candidates you can consider.

Employ management teams. By pairing administrators with complementary skills and authority over closely aligned processes, healthcare organizations encourage “big picture” thinking. Hiring for these positions should focus on skills such as peer reviewing, performance evaluation, change management, and conflict resolution.



Implement matrix management. Conceding that the flexibility required by hospitals, HMOs, and other healthcare operations may be limited by organization within functional silos, it may be advisable to form teams from various departments to work on specific problems, issues, or client groups. For example, a food services supervisor may be assigned to nutritional issues for long-term care patients. The supervisor will coordinate with peers in rehabilitation, services, social services, information management, etc. to ensure the needs of that particular patient group are met. Organizations using this model should focus on hiring administrators with interpersonal, technical, team- building, project management, and conceptual skills.

Finding the skills required for these alternative healthcare management models requires searching untapped talent pools. Qualified managers may be found working in non-supervisory positions within the organization, or even outside the healthcare sector. For instance, management areas that require heavy intake, billing, or other customer-service functions may draw from retail or marketing.

The larger the pool you can fish from, the greater the selection of candidates, and the higher your chances of being able to identify the perfect candidate for your open position. Being open to candidates for certain roles that come from industries outside of healthcare, offers many benefits that warrant consideration.

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