Two Secrets to Engagement You Can Employ Today

The numbers are staggering.


From January to June of 2018, 53% of workers in the U.S. were “not engaged” at work. 13% were actively disengaged. The latter group were working against their organization. (Gallop)


Read on to learn two easy to implement ways that you can encourage your team to be actively engaged at work.  

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Employee engagement is something that not a lot of managers give a lot of thought to.


Either they are fully  staffed, or not. 


The real question should be how many members of your team are actively engaged?


Truth be told, it far more dangerous to think you are fully staffed, only to have employees that are not only not engaged, but actively disengaged. 


So how do you ensure that your team are actively engaged in pursuing your company’s stated goals? 


Here are two secrets to employee engagement that you can employ today.


Let’s get started!


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