Trends In Executive Recruiting That Will Help You Get The Best Talent

The coronavirus pandemic may have put many things on pause over the last year, but the need to grow your business wasn’t one of them. With so many potential changes on the horizon, building the best executive leadership team has never been more important. How have talent acquisition and executive search adapted to the new normal? How can you use that to your company’s advantage?

I’m a member of an entrepreneurs group, and we’ve been trying to figure out the most effective method for finding the best execs. When doing some followup research on a Forbes article about top executive research firms, the methodology of one of the listed firms, N2Growth, caught my attention. I think it’s going to be key to helping many companies navigate the new market paradigm. In this article, I’ll share some of their methodology, while offering my own perspective as an entrepreneur. 

Landing game-changing talent is critical to the future of any business. To stay competitive and move with the trends, business leaders should take the following steps in their next executive search.

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