Trends Accelerating the Semiconductor Industry in 2021 and Beyond

In adapting to the challenges of COVID-19, the world has experienced profound societal, economic and technological changes that are redefining nearly every aspect of our lives. New capabilities underpinned by the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and AI are providing a digital lifeline for millions of people by enabling virtual workspaces, remote education, a thriving e-commerce marketplace and a host of other communication and collaboration tools.

The dependency between the global economy and technology is greater today than it’s ever been, and this is creating sustained demand for semiconductors. It is also broadening the growth drivers for the semiconductor industry. While consumer devices led electronics demand over the past decade, commercial investments in IoT, Big Data, AI and 5G infrastructure are poised to lead the next decade and reshape every industry on the planet, from pharmaceuticals and healthcare to agriculture, energy and transportation. 

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