Toxic Cultures, Negative Behaviors Prevalent In The Workplace

Toxic¹ behavior, distrust, and resentment, as well as egregious conduct like harassment, discrimination, and bullying are prevalent in today’s workplace. However, a new survey from EVERFI, Inc. also reveals that workplaces in which employees live and support core organizational values, as well as utilize training that includes culture-building strategies and topics, tend to have more positive and non-toxic work cultures.


According to the research conducted by’s HR Research Institute, in partnership with EVERFI, workplace leadership struggle to create a positive culture. Only 50 percent of respondents agree that leaders uphold the stated values of their organization. Forty-four percent say their leaders become resentful when others disagree with them, and only 38 percent say leadership takes proactive steps to create a healthy workplace culture. Moreover, many organizations do not have plans to address workplace toxicity issues, now or in the future.

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