Top Tips on How to Improve the Sales Performance of Your Team

According to a Hubspot study, 66% of salespeople miss their quotas. This statistic really shines a light on the fact that a lot of sales teams are struggling.

Even if you feel your sales team is doing a good job, ask yourself this: “Could they be doing better?”

No salesperson in the industry has reached their absolute peak — the point at which they could not possibly improve anymore.

There will be waves with your sales team in just how well your they are performing — sometimes things will seem like they are going swimmingly, other times you will feel as if your sales team has lost all hope.

Regardless of what part of the wave you and your sales team are riding, one thing remains constant: there is always room for improvement.

So, whether you are looking at improving your team’s sales performance from a low point or from a good place, the below tips will be helpful.

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Fantastic article offering easy to implement suggestions on how to increase your sales teams results. 


Challenge yourself to add at least a few of these for each of your next sales meetings, and chart the results yourself. 


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