Top 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Profiles Are Superior to Resumes

A fast and simple way to improve both your speed and quality of hire is to use LinkedIn profiles for your initial candidate screening. They are superior at this first assessment stage because they are more likely to be updated, accurate, and their uniform format makes side-by-side comparisons easier. By relying on LinkedIn profiles, you can begin your prospect screening faster and you are much less likely to make a screening error. Many firms are making the shift, but if you haven’t yet. Here are the top five reasons why these profiles are superior to resumes for your initial screening pass.


You Don’t Have To Wait For An Updated Resume — if part of your current recruiting focus is to recruit already employed people (some call them passives). One of the major delay points in the hiring process is waiting for prospects to update and submit their resume. Fortunately for the average employed prospect, their LinkedIn profile is significantly more likely to be updated than their resume (in part because of LinkedIn’s often irritating but directed update reminder process). A prospect’s profile is also more likely to be updated because LinkedIn profiles are used in many other professional contexts outside of job search. Employed individuals may be more reluctant to update their resume because they may personally view it as an “act of disloyalty,” and if their boss were to find out, formally submitting their resume may put their current job unnecessarily at risk.

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