Today’s employers want to make sure you have the ability to learn

If you want to ensure you have a job in the next decade, you’d best be able to flaunt your "learnability."

According to a report from staffing and recruiting firm ManpowerGroup, "learnability," or "the ability and desire to quickly grow and adapt one’s skillset to stay employable for the long term," is a key skill employers will be looking for.

Stefano Scabbio, president of Mediterranean, Northern, and Eastern Europe at Manpower, previously told Business Insider that, given the rapid shift in desirable skills, "learnability is the only driver that can help you move forward in your career."

"Learnability" might sound like an empty buzzword. But ask Steve Cadigan, founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures and the former vice president of talent at LinkedIn, and he’ll tell you the ability to "learn and apply quickly" really will "differentiate you from the competition" — and it comes down to how you frame your work experience.

Cadigan said you can demonstrate your learnability in a job interview by talking about past situations in which "you faced something new, you learned it, and you applied it."

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