Tips for Sales Leaders Who Want to be Amazing Networkers

In the past decade, I’ve seen an explosion of events and industry conferences dedicated to helping sales leaders improve their skills, stay on top of trends, and create more efficient revenue engines. 

As an attendee, presenter, and emcee at these events, I also see the ways in which sales leaders routinely blow it when it comes to maximizing the value of their professional networking opportunities. 

Intentional networking experiences, like my BizTalk Blender®, are growing in popularity, but many events leave it to attendees to network on their own.  Any time you attend an event, your goal should be to end the day (or days) having made some meaningful contacts. 

Why Networking Is Important for Sales Leaders

Before we get into how best to do it, I want to talk a bit about why networking is important for sales leaders. Of course you want to nurture and expand your own network so you have resources when needed, professional development opportunities, and a network for hiring (and for your own future options). But there are even more reasons. 

As a sales leader, you are an ambassador for your company. You may not be selling, but you can nurture relationships with customers and prospects. You may meet people who didn’t know your company or solution existed and, although you won’t be the one to guide them through the sales process, your connection will be critical once the salesperson has started to engage. 

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