Tips for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Recruiters spend countless hours and thousands of dollars in resources bringing in job candidates, but what happens once you’ve hired the best people? It’s all for naught if they leave shortly after joining. Smart companies make employee retention a high priority, so they keep turnover low and develop employees in their positions.

Recently, One Network Enterprises was named a “Great Place to Work” and we have found some areas we believe are reasons we have hired and retained the best in the business.

Being a 100% employee-owned business, One Network has found that responsibility is one of the best drivers for organizational success. Employees that feel a direct tie to company performance have been found to do better work and are more motivated.

Having a clear vision for career growth allows employees to see a lasting impact in their organization. Defined career progressions along with concrete metrics enable employees to see their future and keep driving towards success and working towards organizational goals. One Network has implemented yearly reviews so that KPI’s are clearly defined for each employee.

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