Time is running out for traditional practices in the construction industry

A leading figure in construction has set out his vision for modernisation of the industry. Speaking at an Enterprise Ireland event at the Embassy of Ireland in London, Mark Farmer, CEO of Cast Consultancy said ‘the platform is on fire’ and warned that complacency is not an option for construction firms that want to survive. In his keynote address at the event hosted by Enterprise Ireland in association with the Constructing Excellence London and Cambridge-Oxford Clubs, Farmer, author of the UK Government Review of the Construction Labour Market Model in 2016 ‘Modernise or Die’ said the industry was still beset by outdated practices and an inability to address external factors it can’t control. An ‘unholy trinity’ of trends with the potential for a serious crisis in the industry – an ageing workforce, a lack of attraction for new entrants, and geopolitical factors like Brexit – posed a serious threat to the industry.

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