Thinking About Declining That Overqualified Candidate? Think Again!

Being overqualified for a position is automatic grounds for declining a job candidate, right? Wrong! Despite misconceptions, overqualified workers bring many benefits to the workplace.

In a recent article in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Columnist Sue Shellenbarger discussed how jobseekers could be labeled as “overqualified” at any point in their career and explained why employers are hesitant to hire these workers. She discussed a recent study that focused on a candidate’s level of experience and his or her commitment to the employer.

Myth: Overqualified Workers Aren’t Committed
The study found that managers were more likely to offer a less qualified candidate a job over an overqualified candidate. Citing the study, Shellenbarger says, “The managers assumed the candidate with the stellar résumé wouldn’t be as committed to the company or stick with the job as long as the other applicant, the researchers found.”

In a candidate-driven market, finding skilled talent to fill the void is a struggle for many employers, which makes us wonder: Are you overlooking “overqualified” workers because of the “stigma” that comes with hiring them?

Shellenbarger’s article is a great resource for overqualified candidates, as it explains the various ways they can stand out and dispel the stigma that surrounds hiring them. As an employer, though, you should be aware of what overqualified candidates can bring to the table.

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