The ultimate hiring checklist for 2020

Britains unemployment levels are at the lowest they have been since 1975, and with this rise in jobs, employers are seeing a palette change from candidates. For people wishing to recruit a new member to their team, be aware the ball is no longer in your court. 

Today hopeful employees hold the bargaining power, “candidates are king” in today’s current market. So In 2020 to offer them a less than favourable work package could see you at a loss. 

Business advice has teamed up Lee Briggins founder and CEO of CV-Library, who has this to say “it’s important to understand what makes the employee tick and inevitably, how this will impact their decision on joining, or staying in, your company ”

Below he has provided us with an exclusive checklist to help you obtain the candidate of your dreams.

1) Did you write a clear job advert?

This is key.

A staggering 91.6% of candidates scan job descriptions with a strict criteria in mind and 51.7% wouldn’t even apply if the job advert doesn’t include the location, salary, job title or working hours.

2) Do you offer the right workplace perks?

Free tea and coffee do not cut it anymore. As two-thirds of the British public do not receive workplace perks and benefits!

When asked what they’d like to receive, 60% said paid sick leave, 56.6% said the ability to work from home and 41.1% said health insurance.

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