The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Profile Optimization

What if I told you that your LinkedIn profile is quite often MORE important than your website? Would you think I was crazy?

Here’s why I believe this. What’s the first thing someone does if they want to learn more about you? They Google your name. Your LinkedIn profile will almost always show up within the top three positions in the search results, and it’s often the first place they’ll click to learn more about you.

What kind of “first impression” are you currently making in representing your personal brand?

For professionals, LinkedIn is king. The top-of-mind social media platform for businesses, employees, and professional service providers, LinkedIn plays a vital role in connecting the world’s vast business network, allowing them to meet, greet, and get the chance to work with one another.

Given all of that information, if you’re still not making the most out of your LinkedIn profile to further boost your professional and personal brand, the biggest question that you’d have to answer is… why haven’t you?

Why LinkedIn profile optimization matters – and how to do it well

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Yet another good article by Melonie Dodaro, with clear, easy to implement instructions on how to maximize your Linked In profile, in order to increase your visibility to your targeted audience.