The ultimate guide to acing an interview

Put your best foot forward at your next big job interview with CIPHR’s essential guide to acing that interview

Interviewing for a new role or internal promotion is, understandably, a nerve-wracking process for many. CIPHR’s ultimate guide to acing an interview is here to support you every step of the way, from pre-interview preparation to what to do on the big day, and how best to follow up with the recruiter and hiring manager after your meeting.


How to prepare for an interview

1. Do your research

Hopefully you will have researched the role and employer before submitting an application, but now that you’ve been invited for an interview, you’ll want to refresh your knowledge and dive into deeper detail. Start by looking at the organisation’s website and social media pages, and going over the job advert and description. Take a wider look at the industry and the organisation’s competitors, too, and you might want to check out the company’s Glassdoor page as well to get some insight into what it’s really like to work there.

Some key areas of information you’ll want to cover off with your research might include:

  • The organisation’s core products and services
  • Their key competitors
  • What you think differentiates this company from others in the market
  • The role’s requirements and how your skills and expertise will meet them

You will also want to research the people you are meeting – LinkedIn and the company’s website will be your key sources of information – as well as the office location, and your route there (whether that’s walking, by car, or by public transport).

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